Topic: Video presentation brief and instructions casestudy


Weighting: 40%
Length: 3-4 minutes for video, variable for transcript

Students will undertake a research project relating an academic theory of their choice to a case study of their choice. This assignment includes two parts: a video, and a fully referenced transcript/script of the video which includes a hyperlink to the video.

There are two parts to this assessment: a video and a transcript.


The video should present your research project clearly and effectively. You may choose to present your project as a video essay, a vlog, a short film, or other creative approach. You will be assessed on the content of your presentation and research, as well as the effectiveness and clarity of your presentation. Consider the best way to convey your message, using visuals, scripting, annotations, music, and so on. If you are unsure whether your approach is suitable, discuss it with your tutor.

The video should be between 3 and 4 minutes in length.


The transcript must accurately include all spoken content and text included in the video. The transcript should be fully referenced in APA style. Any non-original (third-party) content used in the video (such as music, photographs, images, etc.) must also be attributed in the transcript, using Creative Commons referencing (if applicable) or APA style.

There is no word limit on the transcript, but it must accurately include all spoken content and text included in the video as well as academic references and attributions for all third-party content used in the video.

The transcript should be uploaded as a PDF or Word document. Other formats may not be processed by Turnitin.

Case study

The project will critically analyse a case study that you have developed using theory and research from MMCC1110 and beyond. The project should not just give a technological description, nor a historical narrative of the case study. It must explore the cultural, social and political dimensions and impacts of the technology, and make a specific argument.

The case study should be specific. For example, ‘Instagram’ is to general, but ‘the evolution of user profiles on Instagram’ is more specific. Again, ‘algorithms’ is not specific enough, but ‘Google’s search algorithm and racial stereotyping’ is a specific case study.


Projects must demonstrate the student’s ability to apply their chosen academic theory to the technological case study. Projects should show an understanding of key concepts discussed in MMCC1110, and build upon ideas from the required readings, as well as showing explicit evidence of self-directed academic research and referencing ability as shown in the transcript.

Some examples of theories we cover in MMCC1110 include: “material history,” “the attention economy,” and “digital labour.”


A minimum of 5 suitable academic sources should be used, including at least 2 from MMCC110 readings and at least 3 independently sourced academic texts. You may also use sources discussed in the lectures.


The video must be hosted using Echo360 or a video hosting platform of your choice. Please see “Uploading videos to Echo360.”

The transcript, including a URL/hyperlink to the video, will be submitted to the Turnitin link on MMCC1110 iLearn.

Both components must be submitted before the due date, or a lateness penalty will be incurred.

Assessment criteria

Suitability of topic/case study

Engagement with suitable academic theory and resources

Effectiveness of video presentation

Writing style, presentation, and referencing in transcript

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-casestudy
Subject-communication and media
Pages / words-3 / 600
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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