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Topic: Violent Lives: Identifying the Public Health Response


Part One: Assignment one (2000 words) There are three key components to this assignment: 1. Choose a specific area of violence that impact on the health and social care of a group or an individual. Examples of violence can range from interpersonal violence such as domestic violence, child abuse and family violence to broader issues of violence such as gun crime, gang violence and conflict. 2. Compare and contrast two theories that attempt to explain this particular form of violence. Theories will be taken from the key theoretical perspectives that will be explored throughout the module namely Psychological, Sociological, Biological, Cultural/anthropological) 3. Explore the impact of this form of violence in the wider context of public health. Consider the impact of the specific area of violence chosen on the wider social determinants of health.
Part two: Assignment two project 1500 words this part of the assessment has two key components: 1. Identify a website that serves as a resource for the specific area of violence you have discussed in the assignment. For example: if you have chosen to explore domestic violence you could look at the Women’s Aid website or a local refuge website) 2. Using the CARS evaluation framework critically review the selected website and make recommendations as to how any gaps in this resource could be addressed.

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