Topic: Walmart/China Supply Chain Management Case


Prepare a 4 page report based on the assigned case. The report must answer the following questions and provide a recommendation that emphasizes the question in bold print. The report must follow the guidelines in the attached document.

Evaluate the costs of the cross dock and staple stock distribution center models.

Besides costs, what other factors should be considered as part of the analysis?

If you were in the position of Lesley Smith, what recommendations would you make and why? Consider the following issues: What is the financial impact of stock outs caused by the lower line fill rates in the cross dock DC model? How different will the needs of Walmart China be in five or ten years? What do Walmart China’s future needs represent in terms of its supply chain infrastructure? What are the capabilities of How will Walmart China’s suppliers evolve in the next five or ten years?

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Pages / words:4 / 1100
Academic level:High School
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Line spacing:Double
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