Topic: what are the benefits and limitations of Snapchat as a form of communication?

In your own view, what are the benefits and limitations of Snapchat as a form of communication? More broadly, write an essay developing your own argument about the larger effects of digital media, citing your experiences as well as ideas from the readings in this chapter.

This is a broad prompt, allowing you to choose from a wide range of personal and cultural experiences as a focus for your response.

Standard academic essay writing calls for a three-part structure— intro., body, conclusion— wherein a thesis statement appears as the final sentence of the first paragraph, supportive source material is integrated into the body (as quotes), and the conclusion reiterates the thesis in light of the essay as a whole.

For this essay you must incorporate source material in two ways: 1) a quote must be integrated into the thesis itself as a part of the introduction; the thesis must be founded, in part, upon a specific statement from the source text, and 2) a quote must be included in the body paragraph as support of your thesis.

All essays will be assessed for the following fundamental elements:

MLA format

Heading, page numbers, title (consult RW pg. 468)

In-text citations (consult RW)

Works cited (using RW pg. 449)

Three-part structure (in the specific case of this essay, this means three paragraphs, minimum, each of approximately 6-10 sentences)

An introduction with quote and clear thesis

A quote within the supportive body

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Sociology

Pages: 3/825

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