Topic: What color is Monday?


Focus questions for memoir paper

What is the disorder described in your book? Please refer to DSM 5 in your answer. Give the specific DSM criteria (cite the DSM 5, not Morrison) and relate the criteria to the person in the memoir. Be very specific about the symptoms you observed. Give specific examples of details from the book to support your diagnosis. Be careful to use proper quotation methods for your DSM material. You can use block quotes or an appendix for the DSM criteria if they are longer than a few lines. Do not include the DSM criteria appendix in your page count.
How was the character’s life changed as a result of her disorder or in light of her disorder? How did the illness affect the character’s family or friends? What impact did the disorder have on the person’s work, education, life goals or aspirations, relationships with others, overall health, finances, personality, happiness, spirituality etc.? Think and write about all aspects of functioning. How typical is this case compared to other people who have this disorder? You will need to do some research about this disorder to answer this question. Include at least 1 scholarly source in your bibliography.
How have you changed as a result of reading this book? Did you have any stereotyped images, beliefs or prejudices about mental illness (or about the specific disorder that you read about) that were changed from reading the book? Please be honest in your self-appraisal. Do you now have an increased understanding of the suffering of those who have mental illness, or an increased understanding of how the mental illness stigma affects those with a diagnosis, or an awareness of the difficulty some people experience finding an appropriate diagnosis or treatment? For example, I never considered the financial strain that a manic buying spree could have on a person until I read Jamison’s book. Had Jamison not had a supportive brother, she might have gone bankrupt!

The Book is: What color is Monday?
the author: Carrie Cariello

Make sure the DSM 5 is referenced in the paper and how it related to the book please thank you:
Morrison, J. (2014). DSM-5 made easy. New York: Guilford Press.

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