Topic: What do we know about the impact of ageing on cognition and brain function?


The main points i am trying to portray are:
1. Introducing ageing and the importance of understanding what “healthy” ageing entails to be able to begin to understand what abnormal ageing is and how that could be addressed early on to avoid its consequences
2. Cognitive overview (the impact or correlation -with emphasis on the correlational aspect- currently present in the ageing literature)
3. introducing the methods used and that they have limitations
4. mentioning that the focus will be on functional and structural network connectivity and how that has an effect on cognition, as well as the hub regions and why they are vulnerable to ageing (e.g. frontal/DMN)
5. highlighting the differences in findings between cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, with mention to their limitations
6. potential solutions (such as the quasi-longitudinal study mentioned), yet still highlighting its limitations and giving additional recommendations that might address them (e.g. having large samples and consortiums with specific protocols to be able to improve research. OR. potentially conducting longitudinal research and measuring the practice-effect coefficient to be able to control for it.
7. Concluding with basically that the more we know the more we know that we dont know and its difficult to just directly answer the question when there are many limitations to the research at this stage.

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