Topic: What I Learned about Organizational Analysis and Problem Solving.

You will complete a 3–5-page reflective analysison the following topic: What I Learned about Organizational Analysis and Problem Solving.

Each of the five areas below must be specifically addressed
You will find attached the syllabus to answer all questions below:
• What have you learned in this class that has yielded the most significant transformation in your thoughts and/or understanding about organizations and problem solving in organizations?
• What learning experiences (readings, assignments, presentations, class discussion, etc.) contributed most significantly to your learning (and why do you think that is so)?
• What, if any, changes in your thinking about your organization and/or your administrative role in your organization as a result of your experience in this class?
• How (if at all) do you think the insights you gained about organizations in general—and problem solving in organizations in particular—have prepared you to be a better educational administrator and/or leader?
• What insights have you gleaned during this course that you are most likely to continue to investigate through research literature and/or experiential exploration?
The essay must:
• Include a title page and an abstract; references are not required but if you cite any sources, you must then also include a current APA formatted reference page.
• Be approximately 3–5 pages of substantive text.
• Reflect critical and reflexive thinking.
• Include biblical integration.
• Be correctly formatted in current APA format.
Note: Please avoid using passive voice when writing. Avoid words below:
be being been am is
are was were been has
have had do did does
can could shall should will
would might must may
*Any passive writing will result in an automatic revision.

Type Of Service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Term Paper
Subject : Education
Pages / Words : 3/825
Number of Sources : 2
Academic Level : Doctoral
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : US English

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