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Topic: What is your opinion of the idea that hope is an important quality?


You must:
* Discuss a character from the novel “The flight of the Phoenix” written by Elleston Trevor. (View attached picture)
* Ensure the details you select support your opinion of the idea that hope is an important quality
* Present your ideas in prose

You should:
* reflect upon your own knowledge and/or experience and/or the reading selection provided
* Use the Personal Reflection on choice of character from literary text. (See attached image)
* Carefully consider your controlling idea or how you will create a strong unifying effect in your response.

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Essay
Subject:Not defined
Pages / words:1 / 550
Academic level:Senior (College 4th year)
Paper format:MLA
Line spacing:Single
Language style:US English

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