Topic: When analysing media, what is ultimately more important: the medium or the message? Discuss with reference to one contemporary media technology.

include the academic sources from the annotated bibliography file into the essay.

Your essay argues a point, so you need to have a clear argument or thesis statement in the introduction;
You use at least 6 sources, with a minimum of 4 self-sourced academic texts (e.g. academic peer-reviewed books, chapters, and/or journal articles). You may complement your research with articles from sources such as The Guardian or The Conversation, but note that these do not count as academic sources.

Any online source with ‘blog’ or ‘wiki’ in the URL is neither appropriate nor acceptable for an academic essay;
You strictly adhere to Harvard referencing style for both in-text citations and the final references list;
You adhere to the required word length of the essay, which is 1,500 words. Please note that in-text citations that do not go over four lines count towards the word count, but the references list does not. As a rule of thumb, 10% over or under the word limit is allowed;
Some other points to consider:

Academics in the humanities often prefer to emphasize agency (who’s arguing what and against what ethico-political and historico-cultural background is your argument made). For this reason, the use of personal pronouns in your essay is allowed. Keep in mind though that you still need to argue a point, so try to avoid phrases such as ‘I believe’, ‘I feel’, or ‘I think’ and replace them with ‘I argue’, ‘I demonstrate’, ‘My discussion shows that..’, and so on;

Only discuss one point/topic in each body paragraph;

Carefully edit and proofread your essay before you submit your work to turnitin. Grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors will affect your mark;

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Media
Pages/words: 6/1500
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: AU English

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