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Topic: Why do people prefer same-race partners for romantic relationships?


Specific instructions:
Title: The title should convey appropriate information about the paper while grabbing attention.
The title should describe the topic, preferably concisely, but should be at the same time both
informative and attractive.
• Clearly state the topic about which you plan to write, and/or the question or the area that
you intend to explore and introduce it.
• Briefly describe the reason why you chose this topic. Not just “because you are interested
in it.” Instead, try to describe implications of the research at an individual and societal
• Describe the research pertaining to the topic in great detail: trends in research,
methodology used, population studied and the results.
• Using logic, explain the pros and cons of the research on the topic, why it is good and
where it is lacking and the gaps and limitations that exist to fully understand the topic.
• Indicate what needs to be done to improve on methodology, gaps in research, the
population to be further studied – what would be the beneficial?
Conclusion and Future research:
• A brief summary of what you wrote.
• Answer the question(s) that you asked in the Introduction.
• Summarize the overall findings and make conclusions in your own words! Then, you
must explain what ‘we don’t know’ about the topic and what needs to be done in the future
to better understand the issue. For example, you could suggest future studies (with the
specific focus on certain areas) that can be conducted to improve our understanding.
• Conclude your research paper by stating what your paper could contribute to the area of
• Identify a minimum of 3 references that are credible (one reference may be the textbook).
Literature Cited
Alphabetical order by author (use single space for this part of your paper, but separate each
citation by 2 spaces). Use the standard scientific citation format (see Citing Information
References must be cited correctly

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Essay
Pages / words:5 / 1375
Number of sources:3
Academic level:Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format:APA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:US English

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