Topic: woman resource management

With reference to appropriate models , theories, framework and academic literature , you are required to respond to the following question in form of DISCURSIVE ESSAY;

With a particular emphasis on recruitment and selection, what recommendations would you make to your multinational organization in relation to the phenomenon of expatriate failure.

(1) Choose an NME tthat has enough information on the recruitment and selection of its
expatriate to be used as a case study.

(2) The MNE chosen should be INTRODUCED and REASON for choosing it should be JUSTIFIED before ANALYZING, EVALUATING and CONCLUDING or MAKING RECOMMENDATIONS supported with both personal research of the MNE and the literature.

(3) Don’t use first person but the author or the writer.

(4) It is not enough to describe the details of your findings but you have to COMPARE ,CONTRAST, DISCUSS and EVALUATE.


– What the assignment is about

-The main issue and topics to be covered

-The approach you will take and how the work will be developed

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Management

Pages: 13/3500

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