Topic: women’s artistic expression and movements for social change after 1950


For this assignment, in 3-4 pages, discuss the ways women’s artistic expression and movements for social change intersect in the second half of the 20th century (after 1950). To complete this, first reflect on what it means to say that the arts and social change intersect.

Next, analyze how you see this trend specifically in women’s artistic expression. Be sure to support your discussion by providing examples of at least two creative women from the late 20th century whose work makes a statement about society and perhaps suggests ways to make it better.

Select your two examples of creative women from two different genres, for example painting, photography, writing, dance, etc.

Finally, for your conclusion (your final page), think about ways you have seen the arts and social change intersect in your community. In this case, the art in your community could have been created by women, men, or collaborations as our emphasis here is on the way art and social change intersect.

For example, artist and architect Maya Lin’s Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama, honors 40 individuals who died fighting for equal rights between 1954 and 1968. Her work recognizes the sacrifices freedom and equality require.

If none of your research turns up art that makes a statement for social change in your community, imagine and discuss how you might address—with an artistic solution—an important issue that needs changing in your community.

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