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Topic: Women’s Rights term paper assignment


Themes Review (10%): • Continue with your topic or interest area (must be same topic) • Compare and Contrast 2 Theories, Theoretical Frameworks, Perspectives, etc., with 2 different peer reviewed journal articles in your topic area or population of interest •

Compare and contrast the principal concepts of each theory, the strengths and weaknesses of the theories, and the theories’ compatibility with social work values and ethics and its commitment to social, racial, gender, economic, environmental, and political justice

• Write in 3rd person (no “I” statements, not from a personal perspective) • APA format (title page, reference page, format, spacing, font, citing, etc.) • Length minimum 3 pages max 4 (not including title page and reference page)

• The main purpose is the continue your research on the social issue from a theory perspective. The student should focus on discovering theories, frameworks, or models that might explain or support human behavior related to the social issue.

The course instructor will highlight different theories each lecture, the textbook has several theories, and research from the library will help students to identify two appropriate themes to focus on for this paper.

These articles can be used for the final integrative research paper as long as your topic has not changed.

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