Topic: working with community

Assessment criteria

Critically describes the nature of the community that the project interfaces with and critically evaluates the community development approach that the project utilises.

Applies relevant community development theories and models to working with this community.

Provides clear evidence of extensive reading and research, demonstrates understanding of course material, employs appropriate referencing conventions.

Demonstrates clarity in presenting the issues and arguments. Employs appropriate use of language conventions such as grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Assessment Instructions

Select ONE community development project from the list provided.
Select ONE community development project from the list provided.

Men’s Sheds

Get a feel for this project by searching their websites thoroughly and conducting further desktop research on project activities. Mousing around their social media platforms could be really useful too.
Provide a clear description of the nature of the community in which the project takes place (including any elements of structural inequality) so that the reader is able to develop a feel for the needs and opportunities that may exist.

Conduct a critical analysis by systematically examining each of the four elements of CD practice, principles, processes, roles and skills, as they are applied to the project at hand. Look for clues that might give away elements of a CD approach if they are not immediately obvious. Most descriptions of projects do not explicitly articulate the underpinning principles for example but these may be evident in the way in which the project is being undertaken. You can make an educated guess and acknowledge that this is what you’re doing.

In the final element of this assessment task, you should use your critical analysis of the CD approach to identify opportunities to build on or to improve aspects of its elements going forward. For example, if the project does not demonstrate evidence that they have identified community strengths you could suggest a means of incorporating that. If the project is being driven by outsiders, how could you work with community to enable members to begin to lead the initiative? If the project looks to be following an ideal CD approach, how could you build on this to extend the social impact?

Prepare your project analysis using the following structure (also in the writing guide which you can use as a template):

Your paper will:

Provide a short introduction (150 words).

Describe the nature of the community that the project works with (300 words).

Critically analyse the CD approach (principles, processes, roles and skills) utilised to undertake this project (500 words).

Explain the ways in which you would work alongside community members on this project moving forward utilising learning from this course to justify your practice approach – largely based on your critical analysis (700 words).

Provide a short conclusion (150 words)

Include a minimum of 10 references (you can reference non-academic sources like websites and reports, but ensure you include at least six scholarly sources)

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Socio studies

Pages: 7/1700

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