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Topic: Workplace Diversity In Mental Health



This week, you will submit a rough draft of your research paper. A rough draft is not expected to be polished, and as such, this assignment will be graded on a completion basis. However, in order to receive full credit for the assignment, the following components must be met:

First draft includes an introduction, a minimum of three (3) body paragraphs (one to two pages), and a conclusion.
A minimum of two (2) references are incorporated as support.
Use your outline as a guide, but if you find that changing some pieces makes more sense as you draft, that is fine.
It is important that you note where you used other references in your paper. At least one source is credible, scholarly, and peer-reviewed.
Highlight or use a different color font to clearly show any quoted, paraphrased, or summarized material within the text of your essay.
Include three high-quality and thought-provoking ideas or unique insights to the discussion.
Sources should be published within the last five years unless recent research is not available or if you are referencing seminal work (i.e., a work that is foundational to the field and contains information that contributes to later works or developed sources). For example, Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species is a seminal work because it established scientific theory that contributed changes to ways modern scientists conduct research.
At least one source is credible, scholarly, or peer-reviewed.
Do not use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as they are not considered academic sources.
Ensure that you include a reference page with a complete list of APA formatted references.

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