Topic Writing a curriculum (Four nursing topics)

Writing a curriculum (Four nursing topics)

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ASSIGNMENT TO BE COMPLETED: Create a course curriculum for FOUR Topics as stated below. Follow instructions (a) & (b).

a. Please include your learning objectives to each topic that must be addressed in your lecture. In addition to the development of your didactic presentation, please include your class agenda, class syllabus, and class description as it pertains to your FOUR curriculum topics BELOW.

b. For each of your topics below, please ensure the following items are included in your curriculum development.
• Title of Course
• Course Facilitator(s) (LEAVE BLANK)
• Time suggested for Course
• Course Objectives
• Teaching/Learning Strategies Used
• Evidence Base Teaching Resources and References/Websites
• Equipment Suggestions for Course
• Educational Setting/Environment Requirements for Course
• Learning Assessment for Course
• Evaluation Method
• Remediation Method


  1. Patient and Family Centered Care
  2. Informatics and Technology
  3. I&T: Use of Social Media in the Workplace
    Business of Healthcare
  4. Core Coordination

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