Topic: Youth and Society in the Developing World


Question is: ‘Youth are leaders of tomorrow’. How valid is this in the context of developing countries? (preferably African countries).

The link between youth concerns, leadership, security and development is particularly obvious, especially for developing societies with considerable leadership challenges and where the youth population is significant. The course is also conceived against the background of the role youths across the world. For example, Sixty-two countries, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Asia and the Middle East are considered “very young,” which means that two-thirds of their populations are under the age of thirty (and less than 6 percent are above the age of sixty). It is believed that these countries are vulnerable to civil strife. What also seems to have further compounded the problem is the HIV pandemic which, according to a Task Force report, “has reversed a generation of gains in human development, hitting young and middle-aged adults of all socioeconomic classes and leaving a dangerous youth bulge” in Africa.

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