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1. Brief Introduction:

Concert details (i.e. location, date/time, performers, pieces performed)
Relevant background information about the concert/artists (you are expected to do some research and include in-text citations wherever appropriate)
Why did you choose this concert to do this report?

2. Overall Performance:

Describe the concert environment in detail (performers, stage setup, audience).
How well did the musicians perform the music during the concert? In your opinion, what was successful/less successful in their performance? (Support your opinion with specific examples –e.g. stage presence, accuracy in pitch/rhythm, tone, balance, blend, ensemble, etc.)

3. Analysis (pick FOUR contrasting pieces from the concert and answer all of the following points for EACH PIECE):

Title, composer, date of composition (if available)
Genre and style period/function of the piece (provide any useful context information here)
Description of your listening experience:
Include relevant musical terms that help describe your overall impression of the piece (e.g.rhythm, melody, harmony, form, timbre, texture, dynamics, tempo, instrumentation). Always define the concept/term before providing examples in the music which support your understanding.
TIP: Imagine you are describing the piece to a MUS 6/106 classmate so he or she may imagine your musical experience through your own words. Avoid details that are confusing, too minute, and not meaningful on their own (remember, you cannot refer to time references here to clarify what you mean), and focus on the most important, key musical elements which made the piece stand out and memorable to you. Do not use concepts if they are not meaningful to your interpretation and understanding of the piece. For instance, IT IS A GIVEN that dynamics change throughout a piece, as well as the shape of a melody. What is important to note is how they helped paint a general impression or reaction in you as you listen to the piece/song. You will get more creThe more examples you use to support your understanding of a concept, the more in-depth your analysis will become.
Emotional/affective responses (cite specific examples in the music to support your ideas -the WHY- in other words, the musical triggers behind your reaction). Make the connection between the music and yourself. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR ANALYSIS.
4. General Reactions:

Did you like the selection of pieces? Why or why not?
Which piece made the strongest impression on you? Explain why and be specific in your reasoning. Always use relevant terms to support your arguments. (Note: a “song” must have lyrics and music and an instrumental selection is referred to as a composition, work, or piece of music).
Did this concert meet/exceed your expectations? Why or why not?
5. Reflection:

How would you describe the role between the music performed and the community it may be serving?
What kind of social structure(s) (i.e. family, community, religion, law, economy, class) does the music from the concert help generate or regenerate?
Do you think the music performance may have potential to act as an agent of social transformation? Why or why not?
Overall, did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not?
How did your most recent experience as a critical listener differ from previous concert attendances? Be specific.
Which concepts from the course were you able to hear/understand compared to the beginning of the course? Explain with specific examples.

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