Topic:Mick Armstrong’s leadership style case analysis


Read the case – Under Fire: Hi-brand – and using the topics of Power & Politics and Leadership critically discuss the following question:
The leadership of Mick Armstrong have certainly contributed to Hi-Brand’s phenomenal financial success however the negative and destructive potential he used his power cannot be denied. Draw on the literature on power & politics and leadership critically analyse Mick Armstrong’s leadership style and the power relations experienced within Hi-Brand under his leadership.
1200 words count essay. It is essential that you work with relevant theories around power & politics and leadership to support your analysis of Mick Armstrong’s leadership style and the power dynamics at Hi-Brand under his leadership.
It is also essential to integrate UOP theories with power dynamics and organisational practices at Hi-Brand and Mick Armstrong’s leadership style. Utilise theory to make sense of what is happening in the case study. Support theories with detailed evidence of why and how these apply to the examples from the case study.
8 references are needed, must be taken from the courses references page 15/16 of Power and Politics Lecture 2.

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Pages / words-5 / 1375
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Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-Harvard
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