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Topic: types of cyber-violence



1) Using two types of cyber-violence as examples, critically evaluate the role of social media and other internet based platforms when enabling these crimes. Explain how these technologies are difficult to police and the challenges that policing authorities face.

(Possible examples of cyber-violence could include: Revenge Porn, cyber-harassment, cyber-stalking, hate speech online, cyber-bullying, trolling or ‘Doxing’ or the sexual abuse of children online.

2) ‘In order to stop the online exploitation of vulnerable persons and sex industry workers we must ban adult service websites’: Critically evaluate this statement and the role of ASW’s within the human trafficking process while drawing attention to policing tactics and possible obstacles within these investigations.

3) Using case studies and examples, explain and critically assess the most pressing issues that obstruct investigations into digital crimes. Within this discussion explore current procedures while drawing attention to the advantages and disadvantages present.

4) Live forensics is the backbone of any criminal investigation. Explain and critically assess the role of live forensics within cybercrime investigations making reference to the 4 ACPO principles.

5) Over the last five years the UK government has sought to expand its power to access personal and private civilian data. Discuss the right to privacy of individuals and how this conflicts with the need to investigate online crime.

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