Understanding Language Learning Through Second Language Acquisition Theory and Research


Assigned Readings with Facilitation of Class Discussion Using Reading Guide Questions. Read Chapter 1 (attached)

Using the University of Tennessee databases through Hodges Library, select a peer-reviewed article (source) focusing on either teaching or assessing (specifically strategies, approaches, techniques, or materials) a WL/ASL in the classroom.

-Post the pdf file of the article here.
-Be sure to put the topic of the article in the file name [e.g., virtual_field_trips_ASL_classroom]
-be sure to include the APA reference AND 5 Reading Guide Questions.

Find ten important points of this reading and find a peer-reviewed article on each important point that can be used in the American Sign Language approach related to this reading. Briefly explain why using this peer-reviewed article.

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Type Of Assignment : Research Paper
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Academic Level : High School
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
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