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Topic:When the partner does not meet your needs’ Sexual satisfaction on attitude towards infidelity in young unmarried adults.


It is a primary qualitative research for psychology degree. The project is trying to find out if level of sexual satisfaction may predict the attitude towards infidelity. It is assumed that low sexual satisfaction may cause positive attitude towards infidelity, while high sexual satisfaction would rather cause negative attitude towards infidelity. Additionally, the study aims to test the difference at those results between sexes. The prediction is that males with low sexual satisfaction will show higher positive attitude towards infidelity than females with low sexual satisfaction.
Participants (students recruited by research participation system) will voluntary self-report themselves on two scales: Sexual Satisfaction Scale (Nomejko and Zygmunt 2014), “Attitudes Toward Infidelity Scale’ (Whatley 2006). This will involve a series of statements for each of which an individual need to indicate the most appropriate for them answer using a numbered system (Likert scale 1932). Exemplar statements: ‘I find my sexual life fulfilling; ‘I do not have any problems in my sexual life’ (SS Scale) (Nomejko and Zygmunt 2014); ‘Being unfaithful never hurt anyone’ (ATI Scale) (Whatley 2006).

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