Topic: Why did the state become involved in education in 1870

Question:  Why did the state become involved in education in 1870? What sort of education system was introduced?

All assignments in this module MUST be written using:

1500 WORDS.

Must include a correctly formatted bibliography ( This is not included in word count)

1.            12-point Times New Roman font

2.            double spacing

3.            one inch margins on the left and right side

4.            accurate citations

Some of the links:

1. Must use the question you have been given (do not rewrite it in any way) and write it at the top of your work

2.            All questions need some sort of social context (industrial revolution, the economy, the importance of the church, attitudes etc)

3.            Always use the correct terms for social classes – upper class (wealthy landowners); middle class (mill owners etc linked to the industrial revolution); working class

4.            There were gender differences for all social classes

5.            Your essay will need an introduction and conclusion and then a number of clear paragraphs (one main point per paragraph) which link together to form your ‘argument’

6.            1,500 words with about 10% each for introduction and conclusion.

7.            About 200 words per paragraph = 8 paragraphs (introduction, conclusion + 6 paragraphs for your points)

8.            Your opinions and views are not needed here – you essay should be based on academic material only

9.            All material you use must be cited correctly and you must have a correctly formatted reference list at the end of your essay (Harvard guidelines)

10.            Use the reading lists and resources on Moodle (including information from museum websites).

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: Education

Pages / words: 5 / 1400

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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