Writing a dissertation


A dissertation is a long piece of academic writing or a substation paper based on original research project submitted as part of undergraduate or postgraduate degree. There are two types of dissertation depending on your course of study, empirical dissertation(it is basically for natural and  life science subjects like psychology and it involves collecting data from the members of the public, putting in practice professional and ethical guidelines) and non-empirical dissertation(this type of dissertation is based on existing data which means a lot of you time will be spent in reading a lot of books and literally turning a library to be your second home.).

Below is a Structure of a Dissertation.

  • Title Page

This first page will contain basic information of the research, title, official names, department, institution, program, date of submission.

  • Abstract

This is a short summary of your dissertation and it should capture main points and aim of your research; methods used in your research, summarize your main results and finally state your conclusion.

  • Acknowledgements

In this section you have an opportunity to appreciate every team player to the success of your research.

  • Contents Page(s)

This section gives the reader an overview of the structure and helps them to navigate through the content.it contains topics, subtopics and content pages as they appear in your dissertation.

  • Introduction

Gives background information of your research.

  • Literature Review

Conduct a literature review to have an understanding of your research by having enough sources and selecting the most relevant, evaluate and analyze each source, draw a conclusion.

  • Methods and Materials

Should describe how you conducted your results and it should include your approach and the type of the research, methods used to collect data and analyzing the same data, tools and materials used, where when and with whom you collected data.

  • Results
  • Discussions or Findings
  • Conclusions

It should answer the main research question and give a clear understanding of your argument.

  • References

Also known as work cited or bibliography it contains all the sources used during your research and should be written alphabetically.

  • Appendices

Contains documents you have used and are not in the main body like the interview scripts and survey questions.

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